Sunday, October 30, 2011

Week 7 - Updated Problem Statement

Problem Statement

LUAS is a government agency. It is an Enterprise which manages the water resources in Selangor. Currently, the design of SPASA is meant for a single application. Since LUAS is an Enterprise, SPASA do not refer to the enterprise architecture system perspective.

According to Professor Peter Weill (2007), enterprise architecture is the capabilities in organizing logic for key business process and IT that reflecting the integration and standardization requirements of the firm’s operating model.

Several interviews have been conducted with the team member from LUAS whom stated that they are lack of information integration between the departments of LUAS and several external consultants which involve in the process of licensing.

Currently, SPASA is a stand-alone client server which is not integrated with other systems in LUAS that involve in the water licensing process such as Sistem Notis and Compound System. Moreover, an external consultants such as Minerals and Geosciences Department (JMG) that has their own system cannot share the information smoothly since the applications that been passed to them are in a printed form. These problems occur within the enterprise system environment.

This project is meant to applying related and significant reference model that help in information sharing between departments of LUAS and organizations that involve in SPASA.

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